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Scales! Tips, Tricks, and Getting Started

Blerg. Scales. Not as much fun as playing your favorite tune, but they are the fundamental theory behind all music. Instruments are built based on scales and music is created using them whether you know it or not! When you start understanding scales and actually practicing them, you’ll see your guitar skills soar. So let’s […]

Press Release – COURSES Launches on Fret Zealot Apps

Music Education Tech Start-Up Launches Course Marketplace on Fret Zealot App Innovative, New Combined Approach to Guitar Instruction and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Washington, DC – Edge Tech Labs is launching Fret Zealot Courses, a marketplace that allows instructors to offer video lesson programs for either a fixed price or subscription. Fret Zealot is […]

Fret Zealot COURSES – Behind the Scenes

We developed Fret Zealot courses because we know that the music education industry has to change. Fender’s CEO has been quoted several times saying they estimate that 90% of new players give up playing guitar (forever) after just a few weeks. It’s a shame considering how many benefits playing guitar (or ukulele or bass) has. […]

The Many Health Benefits of Playing Guitar

It isn’t cliche. It’s true. It’s scientifically proven, even, that playing guitar has a lot of health benefits. Playing guitar is good for your brain. Playing guitar is good for your body. Playing guitar is good for your soul (and emotional health). There are a lot of studies out to support it with SCIENCE now, […]

Featured Artist – Marc Daniels Country Rock

Welcome to our first Featured Artist post! We want to share the stories AND music of some of the local artists we work with to help people learn their music (so send us an email at support@fretzealot.com if you want to be featured!). In our last blog post, we talked about the 5 Reasons to […]

5 Reasons to Play a Local Open Mic Night & What to Expect

You’ve been jamming on your guitar or ukulele at home, right? Maybe you have even shared a song or two with your best friend or your family. Sharing your music with the world can be nerve racking, but it can also be an uplifting experience! While it always takes courage to share your music and […]

Press Release – Tech startup Launches Ukulele Version of Globally Successful LED Teaching Accessory

Since Edge Tech Labs launched their LED guitar teaching tool, Fret Zealot, with over 400% backing on Kickstarter in 2017, the product is now selling in Guitar Center and Fry’s Electronics with increasing popularity in global markets such as Canada and Japan. After the successful version for guitar, Fret Zealot has launched a Kickstarter campaign […]

SUMMER VOLUME 1: Thirty Songs to Learn for Your Next Party

There are undoubtedly decades of popular songs we all know and love, but the songs you most adore probably vary depending on where you live, what time of year it is, what generation of artists you grew up rocking out to, and so on. Most music lovers have a diverse taste in music, appreciating everyone […]

Learn These Chords and Scales on Guitar First

What is a scale and a chord anyway? Note: This blog is best used with the Fret Zealot app on your mobile device. The truth is playing guitar is all about knowing patterns and chord shapes. So before you get overwhelmed by the C Chord, G Chord, and E chord, and barre chords, remember, the […]

Tune Your Guitar like a Rockstar

When you first pick up a guitar, you learn standard E tuning. The chords are built off of this tuning, and so are the scale patterns. Standard guitar tuning is E – A – D – G – B – E tuned to a frequency of 440Hz. The first string is the bottom string and […]