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Why Choose Fret Zealot Over Guitar Tricks?

Unmatched Features for Guitar Mastery

Video Lessons

Fret Zealot has over 3,500+ video lessons available as part of over 100 courses and includes song video lessons from professional online instructors.

LED Finger Positions Available

Nothing beats this! Learn five times as fast if you have the optional Fret Zealot LED system and see color coded finger positions.

Mobile Responsiveness

Use ‘AI Mode’ in the Fret Zealot apps to have tabs wait for you to play the correct note or chord before moving to the next one.

Bass Guitar Support

With over 50,000 song tabs for bass available in addition to courses, you don’t need to limit your learning! Fret Zealot has LED sizes for bass when you’re ready to expand.

Ukulele Support

Why not give a uke a try? Fret Zealot has courses for ukulele along with LED sizes for concert and tenor ukuleles.

Subscription Required?

All 200,000+ song tabs are FREE! All chord displays are free as are the 50+ tunings, scale displays in every key, metronome, and light shows for optional Fret Zealot LED systems.

Scales & Chords Tools

Over 10,000 chords available for FREE at the touch of a button, plus their arpeggios, and every scale in every key. Try a different tuning as well!

Free Tabs

200,000+ FREE song tabs are available in the Fret Zealot apps! Many popular songs have multiple versions and instrument tracks. You can also upload your own!

Play Guitar Pro Files

Looking to display your own music? Upload your own Guitar Pro files and have them display on Fret Zealot LED systems.


An incredible value for the price. So much cheaper than traditional lessons. Plus, if you have the optional Fret Zealot LED system, get 50% off your subscription!

Customer Support

Supporting you is our primary concern. Our company culture revolves around making sure you get exactly what you want from your Fret Zealot experience.

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It’s All in the Numbers

Quick Learning

95% of our users see significant progress in their skills within the first week.

More Affordable

Save up to 70% compared to traditional in-person lessons. 

Comprehensive Library

Access to thousands of song lessons, spanning all genres and difficulty levels.


Tools for Success

Comprehensive Online Lessons

Courses for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players, from trusted professional educators.

Structured Learning Path

Systematic, easy-to-follow courses with clear objectives and progress tracking.

Wide Variety of Songs

Learn to play your favorite songs across a range of genres with video lessons.


Real Results


Fun at Your Fingertips


Thousands of lessons from world-class instructors, all synced to LED displays.


10,000 chords and variations! Set a metronome or customize a progression.


Major, minor, everything, and fully customizable colors and brightness.


Search for your favorites and get playing. Over 80,000 song tabs and counting!


Standard, Drop D, Open E, anything! 55+ available for guitar, bass, & ukulele.


Sparkler, Rainbow, Randomizer... perfect for showing off a performance!


Your Path to Guitar Mastery

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Do I need any previous experience to start?

Absolutely not! Our beginner courses are designed to help you start from scratch.

The free trial lasts for two weeks, giving you ample time to explore and enjoy our platform.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalties.

Nope! It’s amazing and speeds up learning by 500%, but it’s entirely optional.

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