Do my strings need to be removed prior to installing Fret Zealot?

Partially. You may either remove the top part of the strings (where they attach to the tuning pegs) or loosen them sufficiently that you can easily access the fret board underneath.

What if my Fret Zealot appears to not fit my guitar?

Check your guitar’s specifications to ensure its scale length is between 24.75” – 25.5” (62.87cm – 64.77cm).

My Fret Zealot isn’t exactly above the frets in some places

If your guitar is longer than 24.75” scale length, then some of the frets higher up on the fretboard (closer towards where you strum) will have a small gap. This is necessary to make Fret Zealot universal to all full size guitars. Use of Fret Zealot is still intuitive and it will not affect your playing

I want an absolutely perfect fit. What scale length guitar should I purchase?

Fret Zealot has the best fit on guitars with a scale length of 24.75” (62.87cm)

Will Fret Zealot work with left-handed guitars?

Yes! Installation is the same as with right-handed guitars.

Will Fret Zealot work on acoustic guitars?

Yes! Installation is the same for all full-size guitars. If you have a Classical guitar and the bottom of Fret Zealot extends beyond where the neck meets the body in a way that is undesirable, please email us at  or fill out the contact form and we can help with a solution

Will Fret Zealot damage my guitar?

No. The adhesive we use is removable (only semi-permanent and similar to how sticky notes work) and will not damage your guitar should you decide to remove Fret Zealot at some point.

Can I remove Fret Zealot from one guitar and put it on another?

We do not recommend it, especially if your Fret Zealot has been on your first guitar for more than a couple days. After a few days, the adhesive is not very suitable for re-application and will not hold as well.

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