Best Courses for Learning Acoustic Guitar

Whether you’re just starting or an experienced player, there’s an extensive collection of courses in the Fret Zealot app (Android and iOS and web) specializing in acoustic guitar. Check out our favorite acoustic guitar courses below! Each is tailored to a specific skill and skill level, so you can jump right in on the advanced courses, or work your way up! They’re organized from easiest to hardest.

Acoustic Guitar Beginners - Level 1 Fret Zealot

Beginner level – Basics

Perfect For: a brand new player who wants a practical approach that immediately gets them playing songs with their knowledge.

What You’ll Learn: This is the 1st of two beginner levels for acoustic. The course takes you through your first chords, how to strum, and then how to play full custom songs made just for this course!

Check out the course here or watch the overview of the Acoustic Guitar Beginners – Level 1 course below!

best course learning acoustic guitar lesson lessons

Beginner level – Basics

Perfect For: a newer guitar player who wants a well-organized weekly lesson plan, plus a virtual jam room to practice in.

What You’ll Learn: each lesson teaches you a different fundamental of playing acoustic guitar, and then applies the lesson to a practice song. By the end of the course, you learn the essentials of playing and writing a great acoustic song.

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners course below!

Guitar theory technique acoustic guitar lesson lessons troy davidson

Beginner level – Theory

Perfect For: anyone with zero guitar or musical experience. Troy relates music to learning a language, and teaches you how to combine chords like you would words to create sentences which then tell stories.

What You’ll Learn: the ‘Day 1’ basics of learning the parts of the guitar as well as chords and scales. The videos are clear and concise with one specific concept per lesson. By the end of this course, you’ll understand how songs are built from the ground up. We recommend you take his Complete KickStarter Course after this!

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Complete KickStarter Course below!

Beginner Blues Guitar by Henry Olsen

Beginner blues guitar henry olsen guitar lesson lessons

Intermediate level – Blues

Perfect For: Anyone who knows guitar, but wants to start playing in a blues style.

What You’ll Learn: This is a crash course in the technique you need to play the Blues. You’ll learn the 12 Bar Blues with chords, the ‘Turnaround’, and Quick Changes so that you sound like your favorite blues player. Henry gives instructions and follows them up with playalongs to master the concepts.

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Beginner Blues Guitar course below!

Intro To Gypsy Jazz by Alex Simon

Intro Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Guitar lesson lessons

Intermediate level – Gypsy Jazz

Perfect For: Anyone who wants to learn the unique style of Gypsy Jazz! This course starts with the basic concepts to build a foundation for becoming an advanced player.

What You’ll Learn: the first of many courses by Alex, this is an entry point to learning the numerous techniques of varying complexity under the genre of Gypsy Jazz. His videos are clear, concise, and fast paced. You won’t get bored, and you’ll be fascinated by how easy he makes it to play this complex style.

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Intro to Gypsy Jazz course below!

Strumming Simplified by Steve Glazer

Strumming chord progressions simplified guitar lesson

Intermediate level – Rhythm Guitar

Perfect For: the person who knows how to play guitar, but whose playing feels bland and uninspired.

What You’ll Learn: chord progressions and strumming patterns that will make any chord or note you play sound like rock. Look for the sections on Rock 8th Note Downstrokes, Sixteenth Note Rhythms, Hard Rock / Metal Rhythms, and Iconic Rhythms to learn why rock songs just sound so good.

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Strumming Simplified course below!

Beginner Classical Guitar Lesson Lessons Brian Riggs

Intermediate level – Classical Guitar

Perfect For: anyone who is interested in exploring classical guitar and wants to learn the beginner finger picking techniques.

What You’ll Learn: Brian takes you through the traditional classical guitar exercises that every classical guitarist needs to master. After some detailed instruction, he teaches several songs to get you playing real music!

Check out the course here!

Flamenco Guitar by Rob Collomb

Flamenco Guitar Rob Collomb guitar course lesson fret zealot spanish guitar

Advanced level – Flamenco / Technique

Perfect For: expanding your guitar styles to the unique techniques of Flamenco

What You’ll Learn: All the important and defining flamenco techniques as well as a detailed method with which to practice and refine them. Six complete pieces are performed as well so you have examples to aspire to along with corresponding in-depth video tutorials for them.

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Flamenco Guitar course below!

Learn How to Improvise on Guitar by Filippo Dall’Asta

Learn How to Improvise on Guitar by Filippo Dall’Asta guitar lesson lessons improvisation

Advanced level – Improvisation

Perfect For: demystifying how the musicians you know and love create magical and rhythmic songs and solos.

What You’ll Learn: After solidifying your knowledge of the C major and A minor scales, Filippo teaches you how to improvise with creativity, soul, and even account for the inevitable mistakes! He will help you make your music feel connected to a theme and story, so even your improvisation feels polished and rehearsed.

Check out the course here or watch our demo and overview of the Learn How to Improvise on Guitar course below!

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The Courses above are just small sampling from our many instructors in addition to the existing plentiful Fret Zealot features.

Check out the Courses section of the Fret Zealot app and preview any course!

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