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There are a collection of courses in the Fret Zealot app (Android and iOS) dedicated to teaching the styles of some of the best players the guitar world has ever had. Check out our favorites below!

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Player Study Fret Zealot

Perfect For: An intermediate player familiar with barre chords

You’ll Learn: This course will show you how to play in all the styles Jimi Hendrix made famous! Ranging from full on fuzz-fueled rock to Jimi’s trademark chords-with-lead style, Dan will take you through all the technique and theory so you’ll be able to create your own music in Hendrix’s legendary style.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Player Study Fret ZealotPerfect For: Intermediate players looking to expand their lead guitar skills in a Clapton style and tone

You’ll Learn: Crunchy solos and the theory and techniques behind them. This includes a deep dive into pentatonic scale use and rhythm techniques such as 12 bar blues. The course ends looking at how to link your lead playing across the fret board, using both major and minor, and applying this to more licks to learn.

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Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana Player Study Fret ZealotPerfect For: An advanced player looking to learn some masterful solos and fast-paced, unique lead and rhythm techniques.

You’ll Learn: Carlos Santana has one of the most unique and recognizable guitar styles from the last 50 years. This course will show you how to achieve his sound and tone with a combination of scales, the Dorian mode, techniques and gear! All this backed-up alongside full breakdowns of cool solos written in the style of Carlos himself.

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Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Study Fret ZealotPerfect For: An intermediate or advanced player looking to blend traditional blues with progressive sounds.

You’ll Learn: Learn the lead and rhythm playing of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Tackle the scales and theory behind his sound, and examine how he used techniques such as major chord riffs and octave parts in his songwriting. This player study is ideal for any intermediate guitarist interested in blues or progressive rock music.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan Player Study Fret ZealotPerfect For: An advanced player looking to jam out with Texas style blues!

You’ll Learn: SRV’s unique brand of Texas blues is a must learn for any blues guitarist. This course will guide you through it. You’ll be tackling his quick lead playing and his dynamic slow blues, as well as his rhythm and chord techniques! You’ll learn how to bring these elements together alongside a variety of blues backing tracks.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Chuck Berry

Guitar of Chuck Berry - Fifties Rock & Roll Guitar StylesPerfect For: An epic crash course in EVERY style and technique from 50s and 60s rock n’ roll.

You’ll Learn: This is the ULTIMATE course on everything Chuck Berry. ONE HUNDRED lessons (over SEVEN hours) all dedicated to Chuck’s legendary playing and style. You’ll of course learn licks and solos, but you’ll also learn the techniques behind them. Double stops, his rhythms and chords, just all the… well… Chuck Berry stuff!

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Dimebag Darrell

Perfect For: metal heads! This one is for you.

You’ll Learn: Whammy bar tricks, incredible technique, and aggressive playing are what you’ll learn in this style. Dion skillfully guides you through two solos in the style of ‘Floods’ and ‘I’m Broken’. Then check out a heavy Dimebag style riff and peruse his signature tricks, licks, and techniques that make his playing so unique. To cap it all off, you’ll take a look behind the scenes at how to get Dimebag Darrell’s guitar tone. For any guitar player that wants to play metal, this course is a must!

Check out the first lick you’ll learn in the course below!

B.B. King

BB King Player Study Fret Zealot guitar coursePerfect For: 50s and 60s Electric Blues

You’ll Learn: If you’ve heard of the blues, then you’ve heard of B.B. King! With his incredible feel, tone, bending and vibrato he truly is “The King of the Blues”. In this course, Dan passionately takes you through some key aspects of B.B.King’s style to allow you to bring some of it into your own blues playing. He’ll guide you through two solos in the style of ‘The Thrill is Gone’ and ‘Three O Clock Blues’, and take an in depth look at B.B. King’s note choice over each chord in a blues.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Brian May (Queen)

Brian May Player Study course Fret ZealotPerfect For: a unique classic rock lead guitar style from Queen

You’ll Learn: Brian May’s lead guitar skills from Queen. Tackle the style, tone, scales, and arpeggios he uses to create his very unique sound, described as harmonized theatrical lead guitar. To ensure that you are able to take all of your new knowledge and apply it to you playing after completing the player study, special lessons make sure that you understand every aspect of each solo, breaking down the theory of it as well as the technique.

Check out the overview video for the course below!


Perfect For: becoming a guitar hero and nailing the Guns N’ Roses sound

You’ll Learn: An in-depth look at Slash’s lead playing, including complete breakdowns of two custom-written solos in the style of his biggest Guns N’ Roses hits. We’ll cover the scales and techniques involved, such as the harmonic minor, pentatonic and full scales, and work on how you can easily apply them to your own improvising. You’ll also learn how Slash helped define the rock sound of the 80s and how you can use his skills in your own songwriting.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Steve Lukather (Toto)

Perfect For: rounding out all styles of guitar playing, and more advanced playing techniques

You’ll Learn: Steve Lukather’s key techniques from his Toto days and his solo projects. As with any good session player, Steve is pretty awesome at every single style of guitar playing, but we will focus in on his rock technique and style. Ollie will take you through some extremely fast mixolydian runs, hybrid picking, alternate picking, dorian licks, and much more, all of which are applied to a variety of solos and rhythm tracks. It’s a challenging course, but will seriously improve your technique and fluidity across the neck.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Angus Young (AC/DC)

Perfect For: rhythmic lead guitar playing, and the AC/DC style

You’ll Learn: Why Angus Young has been so influential, and teach you how to play like the great man himself! There is one word that we think best describes the overall sound of Angus Young’s playing, and that is groove! He’s certainly one of the most rhythmic lead guitar players, with the core groove of the track seeping into even the most complicated rock licks. Check out the first video to get started!

Check out the overview video for the course below!

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Perfect For: seamlessly incorporating Pink Floyd’s style into your own playing

You’ll Learn: Full breakdowns of two awesome solos, the key techniques and theory behind Gilmour’s playing, and a look at exactly what gear you need to match his tone, this course is ideal for all fans of classic rock music.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

John Mayer

Perfect For: advanced players who want the unique flair of John Mayer

You’ll Learn: every distinctive facet of Mayer’s playing style. Encompassing acoustic grooves evocative of “Room For Squares”, the awesome blues of “Trio” and the commanding lead playing of “Continuum”, our John Mayer player study is a challenging course that will push any advanced player to new heights.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

George Benson

Perfect For: blending technical and expressive jazz guitar with pop songs and beautiful melodies

You’ll Learn:  Everything you need to know to be able to play like George Benson. During this course we focus on both George’s solo and rhythm playing, including octave parts, chromatic ideas, cool jazzy scales, and a ton of extension chords! As always, we apply every bit of theory we look at with full solos and songs to learn to ensure you can apply all of these new ideas to your own playing.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Eddie Van Halen

Perfect For: finger tapping and the style of Van Halen

You’ll Learn: a finger tapping masterclass as well as analyzing all the other techniques and methods that EVH uses in his playing, such as a wide variety of harmonics, bluesy licks and quick pentatonic playing. We will be applying all these techniques into 2 awesome EVH style solos, as well as a cool Van Halen rhythm track. As with all the player studies, by the end of the course you will have a deeper understanding of how to apply the EVH style into your own playing.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Joe Bonamassa

Perfect For: advanced players who want to play like Joe Bonamassa

You’ll Learn: All the theory, scales and technique Joe Bonamassa uses to create his distinctive fast runs and beautiful melodies!

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Cory Wong

Perfect For: intermediate players looking to up their rhythm guitar game

You’ll Learn: the ability to choose which beat you accent to influence the groove of the track, the chords you need to play to get the Cory sound!

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Tom Misch

Perfect For: those looking to add some groove to their guitar playing

You’ll Learn: Tom Misch’s unique blend of soul, jazz, pop, and funk

Check out the overview video for the course below!

The Courses above are just small sampling from our many instructors in addition to all of the other great Fret Zealot features.

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