Player Study Courses – Play Like the Legends!

There are a collection of courses in the Fret Zealot app (Android and iOS) dedicated to teaching the styles of some of the best players the guitar world has ever had. Check out our favorites below!

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Player Study Fret Zealot

Perfect For: An intermediate player familiar with barre chords

You’ll Learn: This course will show you how to play in all the styles Jimi Hendrix made famous! Ranging from full on fuzz-fueled rock to Jimi’s trademark chords-with-lead style, Dan will take you through all the technique and theory so you’ll be able to create your own music in Hendrix’s legendary style.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton Player Study Fret ZealotPerfect For: Intermediate players looking to expand their lead guitar skills in a Clapton style and tone

You’ll Learn: Crunchy solos and the theory and techniques behind them. This includes a deep dive into pentatonic scale use and rhythm techniques such as 12 bar blues. The course ends looking at how to link your lead playing across the fret board, using both major and minor, and applying this to more licks to learn.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana Player Study Fret ZealotPerfect For: An advanced player looking to learn some masterful solos and fast-paced, unique lead and rhythm techniques.

You’ll Learn: Carlos Santana has one of the most unique and recognizable guitar styles from the last 50 years. This course will show you how to achieve his sound and tone with a combination of scales, the Dorian mode, techniques and gear! All this backed-up alongside full breakdowns of cool solos written in the style of Carlos himself.

Check out the overview video for the course below!

The Courses above are just small sampling from our many instructors in addition to the existing plentiful Fret Zealot features.

Check out the Courses section of the Fret Zealot app and preview any course!

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