Best Guitar Courses for Rock n Roll

If youre ready to rock, theres an extensive collection of courses in the Fret Zealot app (Android and iOS) specifically to teach you Rock n Roll. Check out these guitar courses below! Each is tailored to a specific technique and skill level, so you can jump right in on the advanced courses, or work your way up! They’re organized from easiest to hardest.

Easy Rock Guitar for Beginners by Julian Cooper

Rock n Roll course guitar lesson for beginners

Beginner level – Riffs

Perfect For: a newer guitar player who wants to jump right into playing songs. Youll learn common rock styles and techniques.

What Youll Learn: 14 unique riffs with detailed lessons on how to play them perfectly. Three speeds of MP3 backing tracks are included for each lesson, plus one without guitar (so you can play along). Youll also receive the tabs for each riff.

Check out our demo and overview of the Easy Rock Guitar for Beginners course below!

Play Lead Guitar the Easy Way by John Robson

Lead Guitar Rock n Roll Guitar Lesson

Beginner level – Lead Guitar

Perfect For: anyone who wants to freestyle at home, have jam sessions, or who dreams of rock stardom, but doesnt know where to begin.

What Youll Learn: this is a crash course in pentatonic scales – it sounds complicated, but these scales are incredibly simple once John demystifies their patterns while Fret Zealot displays them in real time. The pentatonic scale is the basis of many rock solos, and with this course, youll quickly learn how to play lead guitar.

Check out our demo and overview of the Play Lead Guitar the Easy Way course below!

Strumming Simplified by Steve Glazer

Strumming chord progressions simplified guitar lesson

Intermediate level – Rhythm Guitar

Perfect For: the person who knows how to play guitar, but whose playing feels bland and uninspired.

What Youll Learn: chord progressions and strumming patterns that will make any chord or note you play sound like rock. Look for the sections on Rock 8th Note Downstrokes, Sixteenth Note Rhythms, Hard Rock / Metal Rhythms, and Iconic Rhythms to learn why rock songs just sound so good.

Check out our demo and overview of the Strumming Simplified course below!

Learn 200+ Legendary Classic Rock Riffs by Tom Saguto

Learn classic rock guitar riffs songs tutorial course

Advanced level – Riffs / Songs

Perfect For: cover artists and anyone who loves singing and playing along to their favorite songs.

What Youll Learn: this is the holy grail of rock riffs. It covers classics from the 60s to the 90s and teaches you exactly how to master those iconic riffs that inspired generations of players. Learn everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top and more! Youll get the video lessons plus detailed tabs and Guitar Pro files.

Check out our demo and overview of the Learn 200+ Legendary Classic Rock Guitar Riffs course below!

Pure Pentatonic Power by Julian Cooper

Pure Pentatonic Power Julian Cooper riffs solos lead rock guitar lesson

Advanced level – Lead Guitar / Licks

Perfect For: experienced players in need of fresh inspiration and techniques to try.

What Youll Learn: 18 unique high octane licks in 5 different keys. This is the pinnacle of all rock courses and doesnt cut corners- you learn what the masters do. Each section has a performance at three speeds to demonstrate what you’ll be learning and each lesson has a tab available for download.

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The Courses above are just small sampling from our many instructors in addition to the existing plentiful Fret Zealot features.

Check out the Courses section of the Fret Zealot app and preview any course!

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