REVIEW: Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar player pack

Shane tried out the Epiphone Les Paul Special-II Player Pack, available from the Fret Zealot store with the Fret Zealot system installed.

Here’s what he thought:

“This Les Paul is a classic and distinguished look from the Epiphone line. It’s a really great introductory instrument to get you in with the classic Les Paul style vibes.

This one is all black, kind of a no-nonsense look all around. It has a glossy finish which I think looks cool. It has a lot of shine to it.

The body is solid alder all the way through and the neck is hard maple, which adds a bit of stability and the fretboard itself is rosewood. It fits in the dark theme and ties it together quite well. Little bit of black binding on the neck with the dot inlays, and in terms of some of the hardware, chrome hardware on the bridge, and then the two Epiphone pickups – 650T on the neck pickup and the 750 T bridge pickup. These are humbucking pickups, they’ve got a bit more output, a bit more of a substantial sound. Everything that you really need to rock. It’s a tried and true rock tone. Humbucking pickups can really deliver on a lot of different styles, so I found them really versatile.

Then in terms of controls it’s very simple . We’ve got the volume control, single tone control, and a three-way position switch which gives you bridge pickup or the neck pickup, or both together.

The Epiphone Player Pack also comes in Heritage Cherry Sunburst.

On the headstock is the Les Paul Special-II cover plate. If you want to adjust the neck, you can take it off. It comes with the hex key needed to make adjustments. The pack comes with the guitar, neck adjustment tool, the Epiphone Electar 10 watt amp,
gig bag, strap, clip-on tuner, and the guitar cable.

Boom, you’re electrified and ready to rock.  Of course, when you buy this guitar from the Fret Zealot store, it comes with the Fret Zealot LED system. You just hook it up with the app, and you can view your tabs in real time on the instrument, as well as  access thousands of courses so you can learn how to play.

This guitar is an awesome choice for anyone looking for the classic Les Paul shape. It’s a very distinguished look, this one is a classy black color. It also comes in a Vintage Sunburst color. There are two different styles to choose from.  You can hook it up with the app and start playing thousands of song with the Fret Zealot app. This guitar is going to serve you well across a variety of genres. I always associate Les Paul with the classic rock and hard rock that you hear from Les Paul style guitars with humbucking pickups just like this one. If that’s what you’re after this guitar could be the choice for you. You can check it out at”


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