These are the top ten Fret Zealot courses of 2022

Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or just brushing up on your skills, Fret Zealot has courses that will help you follow your dreams! 

Here are the top ten most popular courses of 2022: 

30 Day Beginner Challenge

A course for complete guitar beginners. This crash course includes one lesson to follow per day for 30 days!

Master Your Fingers – Guitar Gym

Like a personal trainer for your guitar skills – this course covers power chords and electric blues to help you master rock, punk, pop, and more.

Complete Guitar Theory Lab

These lessons put the “fun” in “music theory fundamentals”.


Unlocking Major CAGED

This course covers power chords and electric blues, supported by custom written, professionally recorded tracks to help you master the material.

Learn Every Scale in 60 Minutes with RelationShapes!

This system teaches you 3-note-per-string scales on the guitar and a simple set of rules so you can know where you are within those scales all the time! It will help you play and connect all major and minor scales and their modes, everywhere on the guitar neck. 


Electric Guitar Beginners – Level 1 

This series of courses is essential for beginners who love electric guitar! It covers open chords, strumming, chord charts, and more!

Beginner Blues Guitar

You don’t need any guitar knowledge to learn blues riffs that will have everyone clapping along! This course will show you everything you need to know.

Eric Clapton (Cream) Player Study

Want to learn how to play “Sunshine of Your Love” and other Clapton-era Cream songs? You’ll learn step by step with this course!

Acoustic Beginners – Level 1

You’ll learn your first chords, how to strum, and more basic skills with this beginner’s course!

50+ Chord Progressions and Styles: Strumming Simplified

Learn 51 awesome strumming and finger-picking patterns in all styles of music to help improve your rhythm playing and learn your favorite songs more easily!


What new courses would you like to see in 2023? Let us know in the comments! 


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