Want to play guitar like Tom Misch?

Want to play guitar like Tom Misch? Learn the singer/songwriter’s signature style with the Tom Misch Player Study course. 

This course will teach you Misch’s unique techniques, including jazz chords, unusual rhythms, and use of slides and vibrato. 


Misch was born in London in 1995. He began playing violin at age 4, and later learned to play guitar and piano. He studied music technology in secondary school and studied jazz guitar at London’s Trinity Laban Conservatoire. He left after six months to focus on his own music. He had already been releasing music on SoundCloud for two years at this point, and in 2018 he released his debut album, Geography. 


Misch’s jazz education is evident in his playing, which is characterized by playing “in the pocket”. His style welds together funk, neo-soul, and R&B, with an emphasis on timing and groove. He alternates between fingerpicking and using a pick as the piece calls for it, and favors jazzy chords like 9th degrees for his tones. He often plays a melody on a single string and slides.


House Music 

While Misch has made a name for himself as a guitarist, he has recently started exploring his other musical passion, house music. Misch has dropped some house music tracks under his alias, “Supershy”. 

Once you’ve locked down Tom Misch’s signature style, you can find tabs for several of his songs on the Fret Zealot app, including “It Runs Through” and “Movie”. 


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