How to use the features in the Fret Zealot app

The Fret Zealot app has tons of tools to help you learn guitar – or sharpen your skills!

The Notes and Scales section contains every note and scale possible on a guitar! Pair your app with the Fret Zealot LED system to show you exactly where to put your fingers. You can display notes and scales vertically or horizontally on the screen.

In the Chords and Arpeggios section, you’ll find every chord variation and arpeggio – great for practicing your skills.

And in the song tabs feature, you’ll find tablature for thousands of songs. They play in real time on your phone and on the Fret Zealot LED strip. You can slow down a tab as much as you want to learn note-by-note!

You’ll find other useful tools like a tuner and metronome in the Fret Zealot app. Download today and start learning guitar on your terms!


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