Here are the reasons you should learn to play guitar

If you’ve always wanted to play guitar, but couldn’t justify taking the time to learn, here are some of the reasons you should take the plunge this season. 


Playing guitar is good for your health

Playing an instrument has multiple health benefits – it’s been proven to help with blood pressure, pain relief, and stress relief, and can even help keep your mind sharp! 


It gives you an outlet for creative expression 

Learning guitar will help you tap into your own creative potential, which helps you think outside of the box even in non-musical situations.. Learning other people’s songs might even help inspire you to write your own songs!

It’s a good way to get involved in your local music scene

Playing guitar at local open mic nights is a great way to meet other new musicians.  You may even find other musicians and start a band! 


Playing guitar will improve your hand-eye coordination 

Learning guitar can be a slow process because you’re training the muscles in both of your hands to do something completely different than they’re used to. Keep practicing at it and you’ll improve your overall hand-eye coordination! 


It’s a huge confidence booster. 

Whether your goal is to be a guitar shredder or just accompany yourself while you sing, learning a skill like guitar will boost your self-esteem and become a source of pride. 


It’s fun!

Nothing feels better than learning a song that you love on guitar. Playing guitar is more exciting than watching TV or scrolling through Instagram, and you’ll love the learning process. 


Fret Zealot makes the guitar learning experience easier by putting it in the palm of your hand. 

Choose from 3,500 song lessons, more than 100 courses, 250,000 song tabs, and every note, scale and tab. Learn guitar when you have the time, in a way that makes sense to you.


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