Reasons you should learn a new instrument

If you’ve already mastered (or at least gotten pretty good at) one instrument, it might be worth considering picking up a new one. Not only will it be a new challenge for you, it will reinvigorate your interest in playing music by giving you a whole new device to explore. 


Here are some reasons to learn a second instrument: 


Learning a second instrument won’t be as difficult as learning the first one 

If you already know scales, chords, rhythm and key signatures, you’re halfway there. Learning a new instrument will involve putting the principles you already understand to work – much easier than trying to learn the instrument and music theory at the same time. 


It’s a challenge for your brain and your body 

Learning another instrument is similar to switching up your routine in the gym. Learning something new will challenge both your mind and your body to help keep you in the best shape possible! 

It makes you more versatile as an artist and a performer 

If you play multiple instruments, your musical possibilities are wider! Not only will you be able to play multiple instruments on any tracks that you record, but you’ll be a more attractive candidate to any band looking for a new member. Suddenly, you’re not just a guitarist – you’re a guitarist AND a bassist/keyboardist, etc. You may even find that you prefer the new instrument over the one you already know. 


Learning a new instrument can freshen your perspective on music 

Think back to how exciting it was when you were learning your first instrument – every milestone you hit felt like a huge breakthrough! You can recapture that feeling again by learning a new instrument. 


It’s fun! 

With Fret Zealot, learning the guitar, ukulele, or bass guitar is fun and easy. With step-by-step lessons and an optional LED system that shows you exactly where to put your fingers, you’ll be playing a second instrument in a couple of months. 



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