Five guitar songs that sound harder to play than they are

Are you still new to guitar, but need something that sounds cool to show off your skills? Check out this list of songs that sound way harder to play than they actually are. 


“Back in Black” – AC/DC 

The verse and chord riffs for “Back in Black” rock pretty hard – but they’re based around power chords with an E minor pentatonic lick – meaning if you’ve mastered our 30 Day Beginner Challenge, it should be easy for you!

“Thunderstruck” – AC/DC

“Thunderstruck”’s iconic opening riff sounds like something only a seasoned guitar player could pull off – but it’s all played on one string. Play with a metronome and slow it way down at first, then build up speed as you get better! (If you’re using the Fret Zealot app, you can slow down the guitar tab as much as you’d like). Check out our Angus Young Player Study Course to really nail Young’s signature style.

“Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd 

The chord progression for this Pink Floyd fan favorite is fairly easy, and repeats itself. The opening solo may take you a couple of tries, but should be achievable for most beginners!


“Eleanor Rigby” – The Beatles 

This Beatles song can be played with only C and Em (with the option to add Em6 and Em7). Lock down the correct rhythm and you’ll be sounding like a Beatle in no time. 

“Come As You Are” – Nirvana

Playing the iconic, bass-like guitar riff of “Come As You Are” involves some picking and tuning a whole step down, but it repeats, making it a fairly easy line to learn. 



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