Six reasons you should go check out a local show

Need plans for this weekend? Here are six reasons to check out a local show!

  1. You might discover your new favorite band. 

Some show lineups include multiple local bands, usually in a similar genre or with a similar vibe. If you’re attending to see a specific band, make sure to get there for the opening band and stay for the full lineup – you might find a new local band to love! 


        2. You actually get to talk with the artists. 

Unlike most big arena bands, the musicians from local shows will be hanging out in the crowd (or at the merch table) after their set! If you have a question about the inspiration behind a song, their gear, or other stuff, they’re likely going to be eager to talk to you. 


         3. It will inspire you to play more 

Watching other musicians play guitar is a great way to motivate yourself to practice – and maybe even write some new music! Remember that Fret Zealot has nearly 4,000 video lessons for all genres.


       4. Your money goes further 

A ticket to a local show is much cheaper than going to see a big artist – plus, the money is going to the bands and the venue, not to the ticket sales company. And don’t forget about merch – buying a T-shirt from a local band is cheaper than buying one from an arena band, but that money directly helps with recording, touring, gear, etc. 


      5. You’ll meet like-minded people 

Going to local shows is a great way to meet people who love music just as much as you! You might find a community of folks who enjoy supporting – and maybe even making – music. 


    6. Your presence counts 

Every attendee at a local show counts – you’re not just another face in the crowd, you’re a valued supporter of the local scene. 



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