The seven deadly sins of playing guitar

Every guitar player makes mistakes. But some of those mistakes can become a hazard to your guitar-learning journey if you don’t correct them! 


Here are the “Seven Deadly Sins” of playing guitar: 

Not playing in tune


One of the simplest fixes for making your guitar sound better to learn on is to play in tune! A guitar that’s out of tune will never sound good – no matter who’s playing it. 

Get your guitar into the correct tuning with a tuning pedal, pitch pipe, or the built-in tuner in your Fret Zealot app. 

Playing with bad posture

If you’re slouching over your guitar, not only will it affect the way you strum – it can lead to back pain! Save your future self the trouble and make good guitar posture part of your practice routine. 


Not using a metronome 

Playing along with a metronome is a huge hack to make your guitar learning experience faster! Using a metronome makes it easier to keep a consistent rhythm in your playing, so that you’re playing accurately. You can use the metronome inside of the Fret Zealot app. 


Not playing with other people 

Even if your goal is to be a solo player, playing with other people will help you develop your skills and allow you to get into the groove. A great place to find people to jam with is an open mic night! 


Not listening back to yourself 

Listening to yourself play can be cringe-inducing for even experienced players – but it’s a great way to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are! If you’re working on a riff or progression, record yourself on your phone and then listen back. You might find that it sounds better than you thought! 


Giving up

 According to Fender, 90% of beginner guitar players quit within a year! Don’t let this be you. Quitting could close the door on a fun, exciting hobby that could bring you a lot of personal satisfaction and new opportunities! Fret Zealot has hundreds of easy-to-follow lessons that you can take anywhere, anytime, so you don’t need to adhere to a teacher’s schedule. Get started today! 



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