5 Reasons Fret Zealot is Worth the Wrapping Paper

Since its release into the world, Fret Zealot has received a lot of reviews. Why?
Because shiny lights, sure, but also- it works. This is new LED tech is designed so anyone and everyone can learn to play the guitar – so you can play, so your kids can play, so your 90 year old grandpa can play if he wants.

We compiled a short  a list of reasons to start jamming with the FZ, and why you probably should wrap one up for Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or Three Kings Day, or Boxing Day or .. well, any holiday you recognize. MUSIC is an amazing gift.

1) Fret Zealot is cost effective
Individual music lessons can run between $100 and $200 a month, and that doesn’t include the start up costs with registration, books, tuners, and other required materials. When all is said and done, Fret Zealot is cheaper than guitar lessons in the long-run.

2) The Fret Zealot App has ALL you need to start playing
EVERYTHING is in the app – a tuner with 52 tunings, every chord, every scale, and a constantly increasing library with tens of thousands of songs in all genres. Start at your own pace, and challenge yourself at your own pace. There are two other guitar learning apps that support Fret Zealot: Uberchord (iOS only) or Guitar 3D (iOS and Android)

3) Fret Zealot is versatile
Fret Zealot is compatible with all full size guitar models and can be installed easily on guitar neck scale lengths between 24.75” to 25.5”. You can also look for a guitar on our site which already has the Fret Zealot installed, like this Epiphone Acoustic. There is a bass guitar version, as well.

4) Anyone Can Learn with Fret Zealot
If you can hold the guitar comfortably, you can play along with Fret Zealot, no matter your age. The app is personal, all inclusive and easy to use. The lights make it easy to follow the scales, play chords, and follow song chord progressions, especially with the video lessons tailored for first time players. No one is watching you play, and you don’t have to report to a teacher. It is designed so everyone can learn, and have FUN playing songs you want to play.  

5) Fret Zealot is FUN
Fret Zealot LED strips light up! This is neat on stage and makes for an interactive and engaging learning experience or jam session. You will find yourself actually enjoy practicing and playing. (Not to mention it is festive and it fits in a stocking!)

Be motivated!
There are a lot of reasons people stop playing guitar, but Fret Zealot makes learning guitar fun as you learn and improve.

Fret Zealot is now available at Guitar Center just in time for the holidays! You can stop by there or a Fry’s Electronics and try one out for yourself.


Whether you are thinking about the gift of music for yourself or a loved one, Fret Zealot will not disappoint. Check out FretZealot.com to learn more. Sign up for our newsletter to receive tips for playing, industry news, and other fun exclusives. Undecided? see just one user’s review


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