6 DIY Hacks to Customize Fret Zealot for Your Guitar

All Fret Zealots are innovators. Just by nature of picking FZ, you stand out. Now, you can borrow some of the ideas below to further customize and enhance your style.

  1. Use a Longer Audio Cable
    Don’t let the cable length inhibit you. You can practice with the pack unattached to your guitar, or simply broaden the opportunities for where you want to attach the pack to your instrument. Make sure the cable has a 4-conductor audio jack and can extend the cord to the battery pack.

  2. Flip the battery pack
    It is that easy, and very useful tip for left handed guitar players. The pack will function just as well in any of the following positions.

  3. Different Placements
    This is a particularly simple one, there are different parts of the guitar head that your Fret Zealot might clip onto like so:
  4. Connect FZ to The Head Stock with Velcro Tape
    The capo clip lets the battery pack work on any head stock, but that’s just it- there are SO many different types of head stocks! It holds up really well, and has a great grip on the instrument that doesn’t damage the guitar. But, maybe you are an active performer or player, and need a sleeker way to keep it on. Velcro Tape is a good solution that gives you more choices in where to place the the pack on your guitar.

  5. Place the Fret Zealot Strip Closer to the Body of the Guitar 
    With this hack, you place the Fret Zealot strip closer to the body of the guitar within the fret space. Original installation suggests you place the strip on the opposite side of the fret, closer to the headstock.

    Using this trick, you will place your finger in the right space, and can see the Fret Zealot as well. It depends on the person. Some people prefer it with the original installation. Others prefer it in the space where they can see the strip and place their finger closer to the fret.

    Here is a bass with a FZ with the LEDs on the bottom side of the frets instead of the top side (headstock side).

  6. Interact with The App & The Software
    The App is designed to suit YOUR needs as a new player. We are constantly partnering with other apps, like Guitar 3D and Uberchord, and uploading new songs to offer you more within the app. That being said, if you search 50 songs, you may have to search again to find the tenth one you liked. So take note of the following:
    A) Mark the ones you want to keep working on as favorites, and rank the version you prefer.
    B) Star your favorite chords in the app.

There are always ways to solve a simple issue. Don’t let solvable problems get in the way of your success. Fret Zealot truly has a lot to offer any player. Let us know what your DIY hacks are, and maybe we can share them with others.




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