The easiest rock songs to learn on guitar

Are you just starting out on your guitar learning journey? Graduating from learning scales and chords is exciting, and will motivate you to keep getting better!

Luckily, some of the best-known rock songs are actually pretty easy to learn on guitar! Here are the simplest ones – and Fret Zealot has step-by-step lessons to help.



You only need a couple of chords to master this beloved Fleetwood Mac hit, and the song lesson will walk you through the strumming pattern step-by-step! It also includes the guitar solo if you’re up for a challenge.

Brown Eyed Girl

Simple chords are the foundation of this Van Morrison classic. The song lesson will help you master the song’s rhythm at an easy pace.

Summer of ‘69

Bryan Adams’ 1985 hit can be played with mostly open chords. This lesson will help you learn it on any six-string (even if it’s unlikely you purchased it at the five-and-dime).

Seven Nation Army

This lesson will teach you the iconic riff of this White Stripes song, which is easier to play than it sounds!


Buffalo Soldier

This lesson doubles as a crash course in reggae strumming. 


Smells Like Teen Spirit

Ready to try out some power chords? This lesson will walk you through Nirvana’s biggest hit with maximum impact, but minimal skills are required.



Back in BlackFret Zealot’s most popular song lesson walks you step-by-step through AC/DC’s smash hit. It will have you rocking out in no time.

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