Useful guitar tips for beginners

Are you just starting out on your guitar journey? Here are a couple of tips that will help level up your playing quickly. 

Use a metronome 

Metronomes will help you keep the time of a song with a click. They can be adjusted to keep time faster or slower, depending on the song and what you’re comfortable with. 

Using a metronome is helpful when learning a new song or guitar riff. Instead of trying to play the riff at full speed, you can practice playing it at a slower pace and adjust the speed as you get comfortable with it, until you’re up to full speed. Metronomes measure BPM, or “beats per minute”. 

You can find a metronome tool inside of the Fret Zealot app, or you can buy a physical one. 

2. Get chords to sound clear by playing each note individually 


As you learn how to play chords – especially barre chords – it can be challenging to have them ring out clearly. To play a chord, you need to press each string in the chord down firmly against the guitar neck, while allowing the open strings to vibrate fully (not touching them). With practice, you’ll build strength in your hands and calluses on your fingertips which will help. 

It’s also helpful to play through each note of the chord individually to make sure they’re ringing through clearly. Make sure if you’re playing a barre chord to use even pressure throughout to fully hold the fret down. 


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