How to choose between over a hundred courses available on Fret Zealot

Fret Zealot has hundreds of guitar lessons to choose from – it can be hard to pick just one to start with. You can choose your own guitar education, the way you want to learn! 

Here’s a guide for picking the courses that make sense for you. 


If you want to… learn the basics of guitar. 

Start off with: 

The Total Beginner’s Guitar Course (Level 1)

If you’re completely new to guitar, this course will cover all the basics – the parts of the guitar, how to tune, basic chords, and more. 

Then try: 

30 Day Beginner Challenge

Now that you have the basics down, this course will give you an easy-to-follow lesson each day – so you’ll be able to play guitar in a month! 

If you want to… understand music theory. 

Start off with: 

Music Theory 101

If you taught yourself to play guitar by ear (like a lot of famous musicians!), you might be missing out on music theory. Understanding music theory will make you a better guitarist and make it easier to work with other musicians. This course will teach you the musical alphabet and help you to build chords, locate triads on the fretboard, and understand variations like sus2, sus4, 7th, minor 7th, 9th,11th, etc.

Then try… 

Complete Guitar Theory LabYou’ll be a full-fledged music theory pro after finishing this course, which will help you polish your guitar skills and learn songs faster and easier. 

If you want to… take your skills to the next level. 

Start off with:

Unlocking Major CAGEDWant to make your solos more fluid and be able to improvise over any key? The CAGED system will help you get there. 

Then try: 

Pentatonic Protocols 1

Learn a series of approaches to soloing over the five pentatonic chord shapes to change the way you improvise. 

If you want to… become a real-life guitar hero. 

Start off with:

Angus Young (AC/DC) – Player Study

If you want to play like the greats, Fret Zealot’s player study courses can teach you the unique signature styles of some of the most distinguished guitar players of all time. Start off with the Angus Young Player Study to learn Young’s groovy, rhythmic lead guitar style. 

Then try… 

Jimi Hendrix – Player Study

Jimi Hendrix was one of the original “guitar heroes”. His playing style has influenced most of the most famous guitarists today! This course will cover the techniques and theory he used in his legendary style.


If you want to… learn something completely new. 

Start off with…

Rockabilly Guitar for BeginnersKeep things fresh by learning a brand new musical style. This course will teach you what you need to know about rockabilly and 1950s style rock ‘n roll guitar, including the Nashville number system. 

Then try… 

Flamenco Guitar

Learn all of the techniques that define flamenco music with this course! 

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