The best guitar songs for beginners

If you’ve learned a handful of chords and the basics of the guitar scale, you’re ready to play some songs! 

Learning to play an easily recognizable tune – especially for friends and family – will help motivate you to keep going. 

Here are some great songs for guitar beginners: 

Happy Birthday

Let’s start with the absolute basics. “Happy Birthday” might not be the hardest rocking song, but it will come in handy for birthday parties for years to come! 

Smoke on the Water

The iconic riff of this Deep Purple song is one of the first lines most guitar players learn. 

Sweet Home Alabama

Three chords make up the majority of this Lynyrd Skynyrd hit. Just skip past the intro for now!

Back in Black

This is Fret Zealot’s most popular song lesson – for a reason! This lesson will take you step-by-step through the simple power chords you need to play this AC/DC smash hit.

Brown-Eyed Girl

Another three-chord song, “Brown-Eyed Girl” will have people singing along.


You only need a couple of chords to master this beloved Fleetwood Mac hit, and the song lesson will walk you through the strumming pattern step-by-step! It also includes the guitar solo if you’re up for a challenge.

I’m Yours

Mraz’s 2008 hit uses only a handful of chords and a simple strum pattern. It also sounds great played on ukulele.


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