Guitar milestones to look out for

Are you starting to play guitar?

You’ll know when you’ve achieved these breakthroughs that you’re making progress. 


Having scales memorized  

If you’re learning guitar from scratch – with no prior musical education – learning and memorizing scales can feel like learning a foreign language. When you can start playing scales from memory with no help, you’re well on your way to mastering the guitar. 

Course: Learn Every Scale In 60 Minutes with RelationShapes!

Having chords memorized 

Chords are the building blocks of songs. Memorizing the shapes and names (and variations!) of chords takes time and practice – but when you’ve got them down, you’ll be able to play most songs. 

Course: 50+ Chord Progressions and Styles: Strumming Simplified

Learning your first song 

One of the most satisfying moments of learning guitar is when you can play a real song, start to finish. Here are some of the easiest songs you can learn on guitar. Most people start with “Smoke on the Water”. 


Lesson: Smoke on the Water


Mastering your first riff 

Once you’ve played through your first song, it’s time to start working on mastering riffs and licks – your first foray into playing leads. 

Course: 10 Must Know Rock Guitar Licks

Showing off your skills! 

Once you’re confident in your playing abilities, it’s time to show them off! Playing at a local open mic night in your city is a great way to get comfortable playing in front of other people, as well as to meet other musicians to play with! 



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