How to change your guitar strings (string-through body)

If your strings aren’t staying in tune or your tone is sounding dull, it might be time for some new strings. Another indication is if your strings look or feel dirty, discolored, or stiff.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to change your guitar strings yourself!

If your guitar has a string-through body (strings go in through the back of the guitar), follow these steps and get back to rocking in no time!

What you’ll need:

  • clippers
  • new strings
  • winder (optional)

1.) Loosen and clip the first old string

2.) Remove old string and discard it

3.) Bring new string around the back of the guitar

4.) Pull it through the hole in the back to the front of the guitar. Pull on it lightly to make sure it’s secure.

5.) Lay string in place along the neck of the guitar to the headstock.

6.) Adjust the corresponding tuning peg so that the hole is facing the string.

7.) Pull the string through the tuning peg

8.) Bend the string straight up (90 degree angle)

9.) Tuck the string underneath itself

10.) Repeat steps 8 + 9

11.) Place finger lightly on string to hold it in place an use the winder to tighten the string.

12.) Snip the excess string.

13.) Repeat for the rest of the strings!


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