Last minute Halloween costume ideas for dressing like a rock star

Halloween is creeping up on us. If you still don’t have a costume, don’t panic – you can find plenty of costume inspiration from your favorite musicians!

Here are some easy costumes you can put together to channel your inner rock star this Halloween:



The legendary guitarist of Guns ‘n Roses is a masterclass in signature style.

To dress as Slash, just grab a top hat, a black T-shirt, some beaded bracelets, and shades.

Bonus points for bringing along the Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Special-II guitar!


Angus Young

AC/DC guitarist and founding member Angus Young tried out a lot of signature looks before settling on his iconic schoolboy costume.

To dress up like him for Halloween, you’ll need a schoolboy jacket (an oversized blazer will work), shorts, a tie, and crew socks. Top it off with a schoolboy style pageboy hat. Stage antics are not included.

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix is considered one of the greatest instrumentalists in the history of rock music, and his personal style matched his creative musical flair.

To channel your inner Hendrix for Halloween, grab a pair of bell bottom or flair pants, a patterned button down shirt, leather boots, and a headband. Bonus points for a ‘60s style fringe or military jacket.

Joan Jett

Dress as the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll with a few key pieces this Halloween – a black leather jacket, black pants or leggings, black or sneakers, and black eyeliner.

Freddie Mercury

The lead singer of Queen had lots of iconic looks, but his 1985 performance for Live Aid produced one that’s both instantly recognizable and easy to copy.

Just grab a white tank top, light wash jeans, a belt, and a studded armband. Sunglasses and a fake mustache complete the look.

Stevie Nicks

For a costume right out of your “Dreams”, dress as this beloved Fleetwood Mac singer.

You’ll need a black dress, black boots, a shawl (or several!) and a memorable hat. Carry a tambourine and the look is complete!


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