Press Release – Tech startup Launches Ukulele Version of Globally Successful LED Teaching Accessory

Since Edge Tech Labs launched their LED guitar teaching tool, Fret Zealot, with over 400% backing on Kickstarter in 2017, the product is now selling in Guitar Center and Fry’s Electronics with increasing popularity in global markets such as Canada and Japan. After the successful version for guitar, Fret Zealot has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the ukulele. Ukulele is a large market with a sales volume approaching 70% of guitar sales in the USA.  According to a study commissioned by Fender Guitars, 90% of new players give up learning their instruments.

Fret Zealot implements technology to make learning instruments engaging and fun with paper thin LED strips next to the frets showing where players put their fingers. A player can go at their own pace, learning notes, chords, scales, and thousands of songs as the notes light up. The highly interactive and intuitive Android & iOS apps include all scales, chords, over fifty configurable tunings, and various features including video lessons, real-time microphone-based learning support, API integrations and light shows.

CEO Shaun Masavage says “many want to learn to play, but don’t ever get there due to time constraints, cost of lessons, and struggling to learn proper technique on their own. Fret Zealot replaces frustration with fun, giving players a digital training tool right on the neck of their instrument”

Ukulele manufacturers have perfected these instruments over decades. Fret Zealot is easily installed and seamlessly removed on any Concert or Tenor sized ukulele.

Fret Zealot has tools for all levels of ukulele players from the basic chords to advanced features like AI Mode that listens for the correct note or chord to be played before moving on to the next.

Edge Tech Labs is run by music loving engineers that continuously provide app enhancements and updates including custom programming options and personal music libraries of songs to learn.

The ukulele version is available for pre-order on with shipping estimated to start in September of 2019.

As always, if you want any help learning the tunes or performing them with epic LED lights on your frets, then we’ve got you!