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Good guitar habits to develop

Whether you’re just starting out on guitar or have been playing for years, developing and implementing good guitar habits will help make your practices more productive and help you level up your skills faster.


Here are some good guitar habits to develop:


Play along with the radio 

Playing along with the radio (or streaming service, or another musician) is a great way to help make sure your rhythm is on point and consistent. It’s also a good idea to practice with a metronome.

Learn something new every week

Practicing the same scales and chords over and over again gets dull and doesn’t challenge you to improve. Try learning a new song that is more challenging, or learn a completely new style (flamenco guitar, anyone?) 

Record yourself (and listen back)

Listening back to your playing will help you see what’s working, and what needs improvement. It’s easier to be objective about how your playing sounds when you’re listening to a recording of it, rather than trying to listen as you’re playing. You’ll also get a better sense of how your tone sounds. To record yourself, you can simply use your phone’s voice recorder function, or use a simple software program like Audacity. 

Practice covers that are trending

Pick a song that’s going viral on TikTok, and learn how to play it on guitar. The song might not be your cup of tea, but learning and arranging new songs will keep your playing fresh. Plus, it’s great content! 

Practice playing standing up

If you’re a performer (or hope to be), practicing playing standing up will help you be prepared for the stage. 


Learn a guitar legend’s signature style 

Learning to play in the style of greats like Slash or Stevie Ray Vaughan can help keep your brain sharp – as well as teaching you some new tricks you can incorporate into your own playing! 

Practice good guitar maintenance

Your guitar needs some TLC to keep it in top condition. Check out this guide to guitar maintenance to make sure you’re taking care of your instrument.