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Famous guitarists who are guitar collectors

As any guitar enthusiast knows, nice guitars are not inexpensive – but it’s very tempting to add new additions to your collection. Several famous guitarists, unsurprisingly, are avid guitar collectors. Here’s a list of some of them: 


Joe Bonamassa

Blues-rock superstar Joe Bonamassa has over 500 vintage guitars in his collection – which he keeps in his L.A, home, he told Guitar World in 2023. That’s not counting other gear, like amplifiers – he estimates he has about 1,000 to 1,200 pieces total. “The sheer magnitude of it all, would overwhelm even the most jaded collector,” Bonamassa told GW. “The difference is, I live there! So I wake up, I get my coffee and there’s hundreds of guitar amps around [me].” 


Guns ‘N Roses guitarist and top hat enthusiast Slash has accumulated over 400 instruments, according to an over-300 page coffee table book that details the collection. Slash is best known for his signature Les Paul, but his collection includes vintage pieces, prototype Gibson signature models, and guitars made by B.C. Rich, Guild, and boutique acoustic luthiers. 

David Gilmour

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour amassed quite a guitar collection over the years. In 2019, he auctioned 120 of his guitars for the environmental charity, ClientEarth. The auction raised $21 million for the charity. The collection included his Black Strat, Gilmour used the guitar when he joined Pink Floyd and for every Pink Floyd album between 1970 and 1983. The Black Strat auctioned for $3.9 million, one of the most expensive guitars ever sold at auction. 


Rick Nielsen

Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen’s guitar collection numbers in the hundreds and includes Rush guitarist Geddy Lee’s 1959 Les Paul and two 1958 Gibson Explorers – the later of which only 19 were made in the initial run.