These are the three most popular guitars in the Fret Zealot store in 2022

You can find a guitar for anyone in the Fret Zealot store. Here are our three top-selling guitars for 2022! 


Yamaha FG800 Dreadnought 

A great guitar for beginners – the Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar has a comfortable dreadnought body shape and a slim neck with rounded edges to make playing a breeze. 

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Les Paul Player Pack

This all-in-one pack has everything you need to get rocking – including a quality Epiphone electric guitar with a classic Les Paul design, a ten-watt amplifier, gig bag, a tuner, a strap, and picks. 

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Epiphone Slash “AFD” Les Paul Special-II Performance Pack

Got an “appetite for destruction”? This Les Paul Special II was designed by Slash himself and features an AAA flame maple top, dark cherry mahogany body and neck, ivory binding, and a silk print of Slash’s Snakepit logo on the headstock. The pack comes with an amplifier, gig bag, and more! 

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All of these guitars are available in our store with Fret Zealot LEDs pre-installed! 

These are the top ten Fret Zealot courses of 2022

Whether you’re picking up a guitar for the first time or just brushing up on your skills, Fret Zealot has courses that will help you follow your dreams! 

Here are the top ten most popular courses of 2022: 

30 Day Beginner Challenge

A course for complete guitar beginners. This crash course includes one lesson to follow per day for 30 days!

Master Your Fingers – Guitar Gym

Like a personal trainer for your guitar skills – this course covers power chords and electric blues to help you master rock, punk, pop, and more.

Complete Guitar Theory Lab

These lessons put the “fun” in “music theory fundamentals”.


Unlocking Major CAGED

This course covers power chords and electric blues, supported by custom written, professionally recorded tracks to help you master the material.

Learn Every Scale in 60 Minutes with RelationShapes!

This system teaches you 3-note-per-string scales on the guitar and a simple set of rules so you can know where you are within those scales all the time! It will help you play and connect all major and minor scales and their modes, everywhere on the guitar neck. 


Electric Guitar Beginners – Level 1 

This series of courses is essential for beginners who love electric guitar! It covers open chords, strumming, chord charts, and more!

Beginner Blues Guitar

You don’t need any guitar knowledge to learn blues riffs that will have everyone clapping along! This course will show you everything you need to know.

Eric Clapton (Cream) Player Study

Want to learn how to play “Sunshine of Your Love” and other Clapton-era Cream songs? You’ll learn step by step with this course!

Acoustic Beginners – Level 1

You’ll learn your first chords, how to strum, and more basic skills with this beginner’s course!

50+ Chord Progressions and Styles: Strumming Simplified

Learn 51 awesome strumming and finger-picking patterns in all styles of music to help improve your rhythm playing and learn your favorite songs more easily!


What new courses would you like to see in 2023? Let us know in the comments! 

The origins of classic holiday songs – that you can learn with Fret Zealot

By this time of the season, Christmas songs are probably stuck in your head. Why not learn them on guitar for your next party or holiday get-together? Here are some classic Christmas songs you can learn with Fret Zealot – and how they came to be. 

Silent Night

A flood damaged an Austrian church’s organ right before Christmas Eve mass in 1818 and prompted the creation of one of the best-known Christmas carols of all time. A young priest named Josef Mohr wrote a poem titled “Stille Nacht” in 1816, welcoming long-awaited peace following the Napoleonic Wars. He revisited the poem two years later, asking a school teacher to arrange the poem in a song with guitar accompaniment. However, guitars weren’t allowed in Catholic churches at the time, so the two waited to perform the song until Mass ended. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the repairman who fixed the organ took the sheet music for the song with him, and choirs began singing the song. It eventually spread to Europe and the United States. 


Jingle Bells 

Jingle Bells is one of the best-known holiday songs around – but the lyrics don’t have any connection to Christmas or the holiday season at all! The song was originally published in 1857 as “The One Horse Open Sleigh”. Its first recording, on an Edison cylinder in 1889, is believed to be the first recorded Christmas song ever.


O Christmas Tree

Known as “O Tannenbaum” in its original German, “O Christmas Tree” is a German Christmas song based on a secular traditional folk song. In the mid-19th century, it became associated with Christmas trees. The song’s lyrics don’t have any references to Christmas – they talk about the fir tree’s evergreen qualities and symbolic faithfulness.

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

A 1863 poem called “Christmas Bells” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written during the American Civil War, is the basis for this carol. Longfellow had lost his wife in a fire two years prior, and his oldest son was severely injured while serving in the Union Army that year. The poem was set to music in 1872.

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

“Jolly Old St. Nicholas” also started off as a mid-19th century poem called “Lilly’s Secret”, published in Dec. 1865 and written by author Emily Clark Huntington Miller. 

Need a perfect holiday gift for someone? 

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