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The easiest pop songs to learn on guitar

You can take your guitar skills to the top of the charts with these easy-to-play pop songs! They’re based on simple chord progressions, and our lessons will take you through how to play them step-by-step. 

Photograph – Ed Sheeran

With a simple four-chord structure, this is an easy one to learn if you want to accompany yourself or someone else singing! 

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz 

Mraz’s 2008 hit uses only a handful of chords and a simple strum pattern. It also sounds great played on ukulele.

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

This fun-to-sing song mostly features a four-chord structure, only switching up during the bridge. 

Hey Brother – Avicii

American bluegrass music inspired this 2013 hit from Swedish producer Avicii, and that inspiration is reflected in the simple chord progressions.

With or Without You – U2

You only need to know a handful of chords to play this U2 hit.

Love Story  – Taylor Swift 

One of Taylor Swift’s earliest hits can be played with almost all open chords.


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