Fret Zealot is Great for Kids

Some amazing things come in threes, like The French Hens, The Stooges, and of course, the core of the BLT sandwich with 3 main ingredients: bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Some great music groups come in threes, too – like The Supremes, The Dixie Chicks, and…Hanson? Destiny’s Child? Ok. Maybe not. Nirvana, though. That’s a legendary trio.

Threes are popular because it is easy to teach, learn and retain concepts and/or major points. This is true for all ages, and something to remember when learning guitar. You may be looking for a way to encourage your child’s interest in playing guitar and playing music, but aren’t sure the best way to do it. Fret Zealot is absolutely a cost effective way to do that, and there are other reasons Fret Zealot is Worth the Wrapping Paper. But, it’s more than that. Fret Zealot truly is a great learning tool for children. Here are 3 reasons why.

1) Fret Zealot engages the audio and visual side of learning.
People learn in different ways. Some are visual learners. Some are auditory learners. Some learn both, and most learn with hands on experience. Some remember and learn by what they’ve seen, others are better at remember what they’ve heard. Some people actually commit things to memory by sight, and many of us commit things to memory by consistent repetition.

Fret Zealot engages it all offering a hands on approach engaging the audio (music training) and the visual (with lights) and applies that to playing the guitar or bass. Fret Zealot’s dynamic toolset is part of what makes it so effective. Players can SEE the chords, hear them as they play, and practice as much as they need to. And, some studies indicate the lights may actually help stimulate the visual memory.

The app will work to show you how to play the chords and scales correctly, and let you know when you don’t play it correctly. This is a great technique builder because developing good technique while practicing alone can be a challenge. You may not realize your hand isn’t in the right place for that scale unless a “teacher” points it out. And, most of us don’t have a teacher sitting with us while we practice. But, Fret Zealot helps fix that.

2) Fret Zealot is versatile and easy to use.
Fret Zealot can fit almost any guitar. We say almost only because while there isn’t a guitar we’ve put it on that it doesn’t fit, obviously, there are guitars out there we haven’t tried it on yet. But, if the guitar has a standard neck, 24.75” or 25” neck, the FZ strip should work and goes on easily. This is true for smaller three quarter and half sized guitars as well, as long as they have one of these standard neck lengths.

The FZ strip can be installed very easily and the strip syncs quickly with the app. See the video on installing the strip here. Download the app on your phone, tablet, or computer for free at any time.

Once the strip is installed and the app downloaded – start exploring. Anyone can learn chords, practice playing songs they love at their own pace, learn scales at a tempo they can play to, take free video lessons, and experiment with the instrument in creative ways. Before you know it, you could be rippin’ solos over your favorite songs.

3) The Fret Zealot app has a LOT of resources for the beginning to advanced player.
Fret Zealot was designed to make learning to play guitar fun, easy, and DOABLE. That is why the the app has 52 tunings,every chord, every scale, 35,000 plus songs, tempo adjustments, video lessons, and integration with OTHER apps like Guitar 3D. (See a video on how to use Guitar 3D and Fret Zealot here.) Yes, there is more, and we work to add more resources to inspire players every day. There is something in the app for every one, no matter the skill level.

The app gives children a personal opportunity to learn and practice music they want to play comfortably at their own speed, and even experiment. They don’t have to wait to learn something at the next lesson or get stuck in paper books with images and words that can seem jumbled on a page. They have the freedom to grow and become their own musician.

So, there you have it: Three simple reasons Fret Zealot is not only worth the wrapping paper, but a versatile learning tool for children who want to play guitar. You can’t go wrong with this. You can view the online store here. We even have guitars with Fret Zealot already installed. See them here.  Fret Zealot is also available at Guitar Center and Fry’s Electronics stores.



5 Reasons Fret Zealot is Worth the Wrapping Paper

Since its release into the world, Fret Zealot has received a lot of reviews. Why?
Because shiny lights, sure, but also- it works. This is new LED tech is designed so anyone and everyone can learn to play the guitar – so you can play, so your kids can play, so your 90 year old grandpa can play if he wants.

We compiled a short  a list of reasons to start jamming with the FZ, and why you probably should wrap one up for Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or Three Kings Day, or Boxing Day or .. well, any holiday you recognize. MUSIC is an amazing gift.

1) Fret Zealot is cost effective
Individual music lessons can run between $100 and $200 a month, and that doesn’t include the start up costs with registration, books, tuners, and other required materials. When all is said and done, Fret Zealot is cheaper than guitar lessons in the long-run.

2) The Fret Zealot App has ALL you need to start playing
EVERYTHING is in the app – a tuner with 52 tunings, every chord, every scale, and a constantly increasing library with tens of thousands of songs in all genres. Start at your own pace, and challenge yourself at your own pace. There are two other guitar learning apps that support Fret Zealot: Uberchord (iOS only) or Guitar 3D (iOS and Android)

3) Fret Zealot is versatile
Fret Zealot is compatible with all full size guitar models and can be installed easily on guitar neck scale lengths between 24.75” to 25.5”. You can also look for a guitar on our site which already has the Fret Zealot installed, like this Epiphone Acoustic. There is a bass guitar version, as well.

4) Anyone Can Learn with Fret Zealot
If you can hold the guitar comfortably, you can play along with Fret Zealot, no matter your age. The app is personal, all inclusive and easy to use. The lights make it easy to follow the scales, play chords, and follow song chord progressions, especially with the video lessons tailored for first time players. No one is watching you play, and you don’t have to report to a teacher. It is designed so everyone can learn, and have FUN playing songs you want to play.  

5) Fret Zealot is FUN
Fret Zealot LED strips light up! This is neat on stage and makes for an interactive and engaging learning experience or jam session. You will find yourself actually enjoy practicing and playing. (Not to mention it is festive and it fits in a stocking!)

Be motivated!
There are a lot of reasons people stop playing guitar, but Fret Zealot makes learning guitar fun as you learn and improve.

Fret Zealot is now available at Guitar Center just in time for the holidays! You can stop by there or a Fry’s Electronics and try one out for yourself.


Whether you are thinking about the gift of music for yourself or a loved one, Fret Zealot will not disappoint. Check out to learn more. Sign up for our newsletter to receive tips for playing, industry news, and other fun exclusives. Undecided? see just one user’s review

Know Your Guitar and Play It Well

It is critical to understand your guitar, to know the instrument’s body, and how it works from the inside out. It helps you become a better player and helps you use the instrument correctly. It is just as important to practice efficiently and with proper technique.

For these reasons, and because we want you to be the rock star you know you can be, we compiled our first free downloadable Beginner’s Guide which highlights some examples of tools and resources from our free app and other more general resources.

Fret Zealot App includes the following all for free:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Scales (ALL of them)
  • Chords (ALL of them)
  • Songs (tens of thousands)
  • A tuner and varying accompaniment tunings (57 different ones!)

This Beginner’s Guide includes the following:

  • An overview of the guitar body, from headstock to strap.
  • Proper Technique – Learn how to properly hold the guitar, which affects fretting, dexterity, accuracy, and all styles of playing.
  • How to Tune Your Guitar.
    Look, you have to tune your guitar, and you have to tune it accurately every time you play so you can develop an accurate ear for the pitch and scales. Use the free tuner in the Fret Zealot app and the app will immediately adjust the included tutorials, scales, and chord progression to the tuning you choose.
  • Practical Practice Tips to get started. (Hint: Play what you actually like.)

Remember, you can play, and you can love practicing the guitar with the Fret Zealot. Set reasonable practice goals, and you will be surprised at how quickly you learn.

Download our free Beginner’s Guide below.

Beginner's Guide

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Wait, what? You don’t have a Fret Zealot yet? Order the 24.75 inch or 25.5 inch model for your guitar today . Pre-installed guitar kits are available as well!

Learning Guitar

The Critics Take on the Most Lit Guitar Learning Accessory

Learning Guitar

“I have a guitar, but I never really learned to play it…”

How many times have you heard that? Maybe you have said it.

OR you see the guy hanging out in the corner of the party, nobody sees him, but you can hear him strumming one guitar chord on 4 rusty strings, singin’ an off key Stairway to Heaven.

You certainly don’t have to be that guy, or gal (but, let’s face it, usually that party character is a dude.)

We love music. We love to rock out. And, we know you can, too. That is why we made Fret Zealot in the first place.

A lot of rockstar reviewers are talking about Fret Zealot… because it works! It is the first application that actually teaches you to play guitar by showing you what you need to do on the guitar fretboard. The free app includes a library of over 35,000 songs to play, thousands of scales, and chords to practice and jam out.

But don’t take our word for it. Techies, bloggers, rockers, and critics are giving it their own thumbs up. Check out some of these videos and reviews.

See it ALL!

Toby’s Guitar Gear offers a comprehensive review of Fret Zealot. See how to install the LED strips on your guitar, access the app on your phone, learn scales, chords, and songs. This Toby guy demonstrates all you can do in 6 minutes.

Make Use Of gives Fret Zealot a 9/10

Are you thinking about trying us out? This guy is new to guitar and gives a top to bottom, objective overview of how it works, from installation to first strum. See how easy it is to install and use as a beginning player.

Ninety percent of players….yes, 90% of players, GIVE UP playing guitar for some reason or another. We want YOU to KEEP PLAYING. Fret Zealot is designed to help you overcome some of those beginning learning hurdles so you don’t quit on the 6-string.

Video Lessons are Included?

Yes! This is a new FREE inclusion on the Fret Zealot app. Check out how to use video lessons here.

TWiT Netcast Network explores the depth of the app and how to use it on your phone, tablet or computer.

As The New Screen Savers highlighted, “You can use this on any guitar.” We do have guitar kits with Fret Zealot already installed, but you can install it on your favorite acoustic or electric, too.

Gearmandude says, “Very Cool Tool To Take Your Hands to School”

As you can see and learn from Gearmandude, you can learn at your own pace, practice, and repeat as often as you need. There are 3 different speeds to choose as you learn. Watch the fretboard and practice, memorize and repeat positions, scales, and songs. There are even stylistic scales, like blues scales, arabic scales, and more.

Music School Graduate Says Fret Zealot is Great for Visual Learning

“If you are a visual learner, this is an ideal way to learn to play…It is much more than just a beginner tool,” comments Digital Trends.

The host shows you EXACTLY how to use Fret Zealot successfully, including how “expandable” the Fret Zealot platform truly is, including advanced improve scales for learning to solo and play lead guitar.

Plus, our CEO and Founder, Shaun, shares his personal story behind why we created Fret Zealot.

There are a lot of cool things you can do with this guitar tool. Check out the shiny new inventory here. You will be shredding in no time.